Himalayan Salt Hot Stones Massage (Set of 4)

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Authentic Healing Himalayan Salt Hot Stone Massage

What is it

Himalayan salt hot stone massage technique is widely adopted worldwide by so many luxurious hotels offering spa services for tourists and locals, including Shangri-La Hotel and others.

Indeed, many therapists have introduced hot stone massage because it helps to reduce muscle tension and enhance overall wellness experience. These specially crafted Himalayan salt stones come in set of four with flat surface and ready to be placed on your body when heated. However, do not use them when the stones are too hot as it might caused burns, especially on sensitive skins.

Himalayan salt is known to be the purest salt and contain more than 80 natural minerals that are beneficial. Hence, when heated to an optimal temperature, the Himalayan salt massage stones promote blood circulation, help to balance your body's electromagnetic level and therefore, improve overall wellness. So, why wait? 

For instance, you can lie down comfortably with your back facing up, have a someone to place the warm stones along the center of your back. You can chose to place 2 or 4 heated stones on either side of your spine to enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt massage stones. Besides your back, the hot stones may also be placed on your stomach, chest, face, palms and/or places where you experienced pain.

Pamper yourself to a rejuvenating authentic Himalayan salt hot stone massage at the comfort of your home to revitalize, especially after a long hectic day.

Last but not least, you can learn how to heat up the salt stones here before and/or after buying your authentic Himalayan Salt Hot Stones for a hot stone massage.

What you need to know

  • Organic
  • Open up pores and eliminate blockage
  • Eliminate fatigue and reduce anxiety
  • Perfect for back therapy
  • Perfect gift for all occasions
  • Balance body's electromagnetic level
  • Massage, therapy and revitalization
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Enhance overall wellness
What else you must know
  • Material: Himalayan crystal salt
  • Color: Pink
  • Shape: Round
  • Dimension (inch): Approx. 2.5 (L) x 2.5 (W) x 1.5 (H)
  • Weight: Approx. 200 to 400 grams
  • Delivery: 3 to 5 days
  • Shipping: Free
  • Country of origin: Pakistan
What's in the box
  • Set of 4 x Himalayan Crystal Salt Massage Stones (Heat shrink wrap)

Actual colour, shape, size and weight may vary due to natural Himalayan salt and the electronic screen you used to view the products.