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We are individuals passionate about Himalayan salt products and aspired to be the leading importer and exporter of Himalayan crystal salt products in Singapore. We specialise only in Himalayan salt products extracted directly from the Khewra Salt Mine located in the city of Khewra near Punjab, Pakistan. Most importantly, all our natural Himalayan crystal salt products are quality tested and certified by the international quality assurance agencies in Pakistan before they are being shipping into Singapore.

Our products are 100% authentic from Pakistan and in particular, they are all certified with certificate of origin.

We strive to be the fastest growing brand and probably the largest online shopping store in Singapore offering you with authentic Himalayan salt lamps and products.

Indeed, we have a strong passion in Himalayan salt products and believe in what we do through our core values; Authenticity – premium and Client - centricity.

Wide Collections of Himalayan Salt Products

SimplyEleven.sg offers a wide range of the latest authentic Himalayan salt products made and imported from Pakistan. These are the only products we carry on our official online store. Our products are original in heat shrink wrap condition to prevent moisture from coming into contact with the products.

100% Authentic Himalayan Salt Products 

We shipped direct from Pakistan port and have been working closely with our trusted partner in Pakistan. All our products are 100% authentic from Pakistan and verified with original certificate of origin endorsed by The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED).

Product Quality Certified

Quality is our key to success. Our partner in Pakistan have achieved top quality assurance certificate such as ISO9001:2015, FDA, HACCP,HALAL, KOSHER, PCSIR (Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) Purity report.

Fast Delivery, Direct Shipping and Reliable Service

Order with complete confidence. We follow a number of quality assurance steps to ensure that our customers receive the best products ahead of time. All our clients are assured of a reliable delivery service at the shortest possible time and all your products in heated shrink wrapped brand new condition. The standard delivery lead time is 3 to 5 days and you don't pay for delivery charges. We have tied up with local shipping company and absorb the shipping costs. If shipping is urgent, we will deliver your items personally to your door step in the shortest possible time.

Excellent Customer Service

Exceeding our clients expectations and fulfilling your satisfaction is and have always been our top priority. We are always looking forward to receiving your calls and enquires. Please allow us to serve you and contact us today.

Reasonable Price

We are a direct importer with our Pakistan's manufacturer and no middleman is involved. We do away with the traditional brick and mortar model of having a retail store front. As such, we are able to reduce costs and our prices are the most competitive in the market. Most importantly, we ship locally and directly to you at no shipping cost to you.


We conduct our trade via this online official e-commence store. Prices of our Himalayan salt products are shown live at our online portal. No hidden charges.

No GST charges (Extra savings)

We absorbed the mandatory government's Goods and Services Tax (GST) and pass the savings to you. You don't pay a single cent for GST.

Secure Online shopping

In the new normal, shop online with ease for your Himalayan crystal salt products at the comfort of your home anytime. Contactless transactions with SimplyEleven.sg are handled and processed with industry leading secure SSL encryption. Secure check outs.