Care Tips Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps Singapore

Caring for your Himalayan salt lamp 

Himalayan salt lamps are designed to be lit throughout the day for maximum benefits. Leaving your lamp on will help prevent any moisture build-up. If you do see excess moisture, place something underneath the lamp. You may leave the lamp on or put it outside in the sun to dry. If you live in a humid place, you will need some extra care for your Himalayan salt lamp. To remove dust, clean your lamp with a cloth after switching it off. If you need to store your lamp, make sure to take the bulb and cord out. Then wrap the lamp in an airtight plastic bag to prevent your lamp from absorbing moisture.

In a nutshell, here are some useful tips to take care of your Himalayan salt lamps:

  • Do not wash or attempt to wash your Himalayan salt lamp with water.
  • Use a dry cloth or very slightly damp cloth to wipe.
  • Try to turn on your Himalayan salt lamp for as long as possible for maximum benefits. (It is believed to have a good Feng Shui effect for you)
  • Avoid placing your Himalayan salt lamp near or next to water features such as aquarium, basin, etc.
  • Place your Himalayan salt lamp at a dry and safe location
  • Do not place your Himalayan salt lamp at outdoor condition
  • Do not place near your television or fish tank for a prolong period of time
  • If you notice your Himalayan salt lamp is leaking or pooling water droplets (aka sweating), it is due to being switched off for an extended period of time. If this happens, place your lamp with strong sunlight for about 6 hours. Thereafter, brush off gently any excess crystals and wipe gently with a dry cloth.

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