USB Himalayan Salt Lamps

USB Himalayan Salt Lamps Sales Singapore

Introducing Authentic Himalayan Salt USB Table Lamps

SimplyEleven offers a wide range of intriguing true Himalayan USB powered lamps, made out of pink salt crystals that are native to the areas surrounding the salt mines in Pakistan. The lamps are light weight, sit on a high quality wooden base and are carefully installed with a LED to emit glow from within.

In this new technology age, we are constantly using a lot of electronic appliances and gadgets such as computers, mobile phones and laptops. These appliances release a lot of positive ions and electromagnetic radiation into the air surrounding the users like you. This can have long-term health impact and implications. Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation is known to weaken our immune system, increase stress, and cause fatigue. 

Himalayan salt lamps are widely said to radiate negative ions that destroy the ill effects of the positive ions in the air. These lamps are known to decrease artificial frequencies, prevent static build-up and balance electromagnetic radiation. 

Most importantly, authentic Himalayan salt lamps are also used as a chromotherapy (color therapy) aid. These USB powered lamps is said to help in reducing stress too. 

Our charming light weight USB Himalayan salt lamp is a must-have gadget to go along with your laptop, both in your office and home desktop. USB lamps are ideal for any occasions such as gift exchange, festive seasons, birthday celebrations or even as a simple gift to encourage your co-worker in the office. 

Hence, pick one from our wide range of designs today and enjoy the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps.