Special Design Himalayan Salt Lamps

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps

SimplyEleven is proud to present you a series of special design Himalayan salt lamps. These portable salt lamps are suitable for table display and welcoming whole year round to embellish your home and office.

Using the concept of geomancy studies, many Feng Shui masters recommend these salt lamps for abundance of prosperity romance luck health and wealth. Place one at your wealth, luck or happiness corner in your living space to boast up positive vibes.

These carefully crafted special design Himalayan salt lamps come with a lot of well known benefits, making them very beneficial for your home and office.

Every unique lamp design offers their own amazing inspirations and emits an astonishing glow into your life. Have a peace of mind and enhance the quality of the air in your living space.

Select one that has a special affinity with you from our wide range of offerings.