Himalayan Salt Massage Stones

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage Sales Singapore

You can pamper yourself with a personalizedĀ Himalayan salt stone massage today.Ā These Himalayan salt massage stones are mined from theĀ salt mines in Khewra, Pakistan and contain more than 80 organic minerals. As a result of their organic nature, you can enjoy all theĀ benefits associated with Himalayan salt while having your massage.

With their natural characteristics, these pink salt stones possess natural antibacterial properties, and are free from chemical. At SimplyEleven Singapore, we chose the best salt stones for you and they are carefully crafted with the best natural colour, shape and size.

The massage gems offer everyone your own personalised spa-like experience at the comfort of your home, and the way you want it to be.Ā Use them heated for a massage to reduce stress level, tension or loosen your muscles after a long hectic day.