Snow White Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Buy best white Himalayan salt lamps Singapore sales

Snow white Himalayan rock salt lamps are gaining popularity among all generations today.

These white lamps are rare collection and ideal to add as decorative element to any corner of your home or office. They are hand-made by carving out chunks of Himalayan salt from the salt mines in Khewra, Pakistan. The lamps sit firmly on top of a marble base and when lit using a low power bulb, these lamps emit an attractive, sparkling white glow to the surrounding.

Himalayan salt lamps are able to absorb water and other contaminants from the air. Along with these foreign particles, these lamps also absorb the positive ions. The light bulb inside the Himalayan lamp heats the rock salt, releasing cleansed water vapor back into the air. The lamps also release negative ions that destroy the positive ions caused by dust, pollution, and electronic appliances, improving the overall air quality.

These rare collections are available in various size and weight from our warehouse. With all the benefits associated with Himalayan salt, browse through the collection below and buy one today.