Himalayan Salt Tequila Shot Glasses

Himayalan Salt Tequila Shot Glass Sales Singapore - SimplyEleven Singapore

No more messy salt sprinkle on table. Experience the refreshing chill by sipping or quick gulping your drink from a Himalayan pink salt shot glass.

Top up your favorite tequila shots with our classy Himalayan salt shot glasses. It is the perfect way to indulge in a Himalayan salt style tequila shot.

Our stylish Himalayan salt shot glasses are hand carved from 100% natural pink Himalayan rock salt deep down from the mines in the Himalayas, Pakistan. It is widely known that the pink salt contains 84 natural minerals and are healthier than normal table salt.

Add the rich and natural taste of Himalayan pink salt to hype up the experience of your favorite tequila and follow up with a wedge of lime to enhance the favor.

With the lovely and natural pinkish aesthetic, our Himalayan salt shot glasses are the perfect gift as hosts to showcase your class.

Definitely a unique gift for tequila lovers to impress with.