Geometric Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

Geometric shapes Himalayan salt lamps sales singapore

Our geometric Himalayan salt lamps are gaining popularity especially during festive periods. With a wide range of marvelous design geometric salt lamps available for your selection, there must be one which has an affinity with you to spice up your life.

These rock salt lamps are made by carving out chunks of Himalayan pink salt and then placing a light bulb inside them. When lit, these lamps emit a warm, attractive, irresistible pink glow that shine against the geometric shape. Instead of using wood, these marvelous design geometric salt lamps are mounted on a solid marble base to give a gorgeous and durable finish.

Our Himalayan rock salt lamps are made out of pink salt crystals that are native to the areas surrounding the Himalayas, especially Pakistan. Our lamps are designed, hand-crafted, and manufactured in Pakistan, which is where you can find the best quality Himalayan pink salt.

One of the well known key benefits of Himalayan salt lamps is that they purify the air in the room through hygroscopy. The negative ions released by the lamps raise your energy levels, and enhance the ionic balance of your living space, which will keep you refresh. It has a similar effect to what you feel when you spend time relaxing in nature.

With our wide range of geometric Himalayan salt lamps, pick one that has an affinity with you.