Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

Best Himalayan salt lamps

Embellish your living space with the evergreen popular pink Himalayan rock salt lamps. Original salt lamp will be delivered to you in brand new shrink wrapped condition and it also comes with two original salt lamp light bulbs.

These stunning Himalayan salt lamps are hand-made by carving out chunks of Himalayan pink salt from the salt mines, Khewra, in Pakistan. The lamp sits firmly on a marble base. When the lamp is lighted up, it emit a warm, attractive and irresistible pink glow to the surrounding.

Our Himalayan salt lamp collections are available in unique natural shapes, have a wide range of different size and weight for you to chose from.

True Himalayan salt lamps are widely known to have several benefits. Widely known to be a natural air purifier, Himalayan salt lamps absorb contaminates and positive ions from your surrounding air. Through the process of hygroscopy, the salt lamp releases cleansed water vapour and negative ions back into the surrounding.

With the highest quality of workmanship, SimplyEleven offers the best Himalayan salt lamps to buy as a great addition to both your home and office.