At SimplyEleven store, you can find the authentic and best quality Himalayan salt lamps in regular shape as well as in geometric shapes, or rare edition designs. We also offer aromatherapy salt lamps for the dual benefits of Himalayan salt and aromatherapy.

A wide range of tealight holders, USB powered lamps, night lights and the popular Himalayan salt hot massage stones are now available for your selection.

Maybe you would like to try our stylish Himalayan salt tequila glasses. They are pretty and can definitely hold their drink. These glasses give your tequila shot a clean, delicious salty finish. 

How about our Himalayan salt lamp foot massage detoxifier after a long, tiring day? It is a great way to cleanse your body, increase your energy levels, and calm your mind. Our Himalayan salt lamp detoxifiers use the concept of reflexology to help purify your body through your hands and feet.