What is the best salt lamp to buy?

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Himalayan salt lamps are exquisite pieces of home décor that also offer a host of health benefits. These are made from mineral-rich pink salt mined from the Khewra Salt Mines of Pakistan. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps are believed to produce negative ions that cleanse the air and improves the air quality of your home.

How do Himalayan salt lamps work?

Himalayan salt lamps work by attracting allergens, toxins, and pollutants to their surface, cleaning the surrounding air. They are also believed to be natural ionisers and help change the electric charge in the circulating air. Ions are produced naturally in the air when atmospheric changes occur.

Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions by attracting water particles from the air that evaporate when the lamp is heated by the light bulb inside. These negative ions bind with the positive ions (pollutants) in the air to neutralise them. These newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground, thereby removing pollutants circulating in the air.

What colours are Himalayan salt lamps available in?

Himalayan Salt colours run in veins deep inside the foothills of the mountain region in Pakistan. The colour of your salt lamp depends on the vein that it was mined from.

White Himalayan salt lamps are rare, but they also emit attractive glow. However, many people like the mild ambience that salt lamps create, and hence the darker colours are more popular. White salt lamps represent healing, cleansing, and detoxification.

Pink salt lamps are carved from salt mined in between the orange and white colour veins. These lamps are believed to stimulate love, emotion, and a sense of partnership.

Pink salt lamps are extremely popular as they emit the warmest light. They are neither too dark nor too bright, creating the perfect balance in the Himalayan salt lamp. Pink lamps are believed to be beneficial to the nervous system, the kidneys, and the bladder.

Red Himalayan salt lamps are the darkest as they take away most of the light emitted by the bulb inside. They look very attractive and are believed to activate the heart and promote circulation.

Grey Himalayan salt lamps are incredibly rare and add a pleasing warm glow to your home. These lamps are believed to have many therapeutic benefits.

What is the best salt lamp to buy?

Authentic Himalayan salt lamps offer several health benefits regardless of the colour, shape, or size of the lamp. Regular use can help reduce symptoms of allergy, asthma, and other illnesses as these lamps purify the air naturally. These lamps have also been proven to be extremely beneficial in improving ones emotional and mental health, as they are known to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety.

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