What exactly is Himalayan pink salt?

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Himalayan pink salt is dubbed the most precious and sought-after salt in the world as it contain more than 80 natural minerals compared to regular table salt or sea salt. It contains no environmental pollutants or anti-caking agents and is gaining popularity among the society worldwide today. It can comes in many different forms that range from coarse salt, salt chunks, salt powder, extra fine pink crystal salt, and the list goes on.

This famous pink salt got its charming colour due to the minerals present in the salt itself. Pink Himalayan crystal salt are widely being consumed by people all around the world and commonly used for cooking, food preparation and food preservation purposes too. In certain countries, Himalayan salt can also be used for de-icing purposes during winter times.

We sourced our Himalayan pink salt from the second largest salt mine in the world and the largest reserve of edible salt in Pakistan. Himalayan pink salt has also been used for thousands of years as a natural medicine and therapeutic treatment. There are so many benefits associated with the use of Himalayan pink salt as a direct source of 84 minerals that human body needs.

Himalayan pink crystal salt have traces of higher amount of certain nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and other nutrients that our body needs to stay healthy. Although the overall amounts of such nutrients are quite low, it does not stop people from consuming it compared to cheaper type of table fine salt.

Naturally, with all the benefits, the costs of edible Himalayan pink crystal salt is slightly more expensive than normal table salt or sea salt that we use in our daily lives. Despite the price difference, trade off with all the natural benefits of Himalayan pink salt, it is obvious and many are replacing their diet with the pink cool salt. If you look around the various supermarkets in Singapore, Himalayan pink crystal salt choices are not widely available. Even if you managed to find some brands, the choices are quite limited and the prices are on the higher side due to their natural benefits and importing costs & taxes involved.

It is widely known that replacing regular fine salt with pink Himalayan crystal salt in our daily diet helps in reducing the amount of sodium intake. However salt being salt, we should always be prudent and moderate all types of intakes, including salt, dutifully and responsibly. Excessive intake of any kind of salt does increase the risk of high blood pressure, water retention in our body, heart problems, kidney issues and other kinds of sickness that comes along.

To some, salt is just a by-the-way type of processed product used and sprinkled on our daily food. It adds that special taste to our diet and the finishing touch to our meal of the day.

If you yearned for Himalayan pink crytsal salt to be part of your diet, or to have a more "atas" feel and stay healthier at the same time, Himalayan pink crystal salt is definitely a chose you ought to make. Bearing in mind, being atas means you have got to pay higher price for it.

To cater for those whom do not take Himalayan pink salt in their daily diets, you can still enjoy the benefits of pink salt. Manufacturers use pink salt and hand crafted the salt rocks into useable lamps for homes and offices. We called these Himalayan salt lamps. Only authentic Himalayan salt lamps, extracted from the salt mines in Pakistan possess those organic benefits. To understand more, you may refer to our sharing on the benefits of authentic Himalayan salt lamps.

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