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SimplyEleven Singapore is the perfect place to begin your online shopping experience. We are a reputed Singapore online store, specialising in the sale of premium-quality authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps. In fact, we are the largest online store in Singapore to sell a wide ranges of handcrafted authentic Himalayan salt lamps of different shapes, sizes and designs.

Our expansive collection of products is designed to suit both the first-time buyer who’s curious about salt lamps and long-time users who can’t imagine their lives without them. So, go ahead and browse through our dedicated online salt lamp store today. We are always here to offer assistance.

A staple in Singaporean homes

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp has become one of the go-to home furnishing products in Singapore today. If you haven’t got one of your own yet, you should. SimplyEleven sells a wide variety of Himalayan Salt Lamps for you to choose from.

But why are Himalayan Salt Lamps so popular in the first place?

  • They make your home or office space look very elegant

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps come in a shade of beautiful, light pink glow. The crystalline granules of the salt shimmer in the sunlight (and artificial light too), casting an ethereal glow around the space where you place it. Whether you decorate the lamp with flowers or just keep it as a stand-alone display piece on the table, your new Himalayan Salt Lamp is sure to be a conversation starter.

  • They’re said to be really good for health and have medicinal properties

When you light them, the granules in the Himalayan Salt Lamps dissolve and infuse the atmosphere. When you breathe this salt in, you also increase nasal activity, since the salt stimulates the cilia (the small hair in your nose). If you have asthma or any allergies, the Himalayan Salt will clear your nasal cavity up right away.

Himalayan Salt is also renowned for its anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties and can keep you free from pathogens. This is one of the best products to have at home and office when we’re being exposed to so many germs. Himalayan Salt also has the ability to relax tense muscles and enable you to get better quality sleep.

  • They offer a range of spiritual healing benefits

Many people who follow spiritual practices and prayers, use Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps for their strong spiritual healing benefits. Himalayan Salt releases negative ions which cling to the positive ions in the air and neutralise them. Through this, they purify the particular energy in the atmosphere, keeping you safe.

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps, when lit and used in meditation, have the ability to clear and open your chakras, remove negativity and offer clarity during your practice. In many Singaporean homes, authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are used to bring in good fortune and abundance.

Where are our Himalayan Salt Lamps made?

At SimplyEleven, we source top quality and authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps from Pakistan – which is a treasure trove of premium quality Himalayan Salt. Each salt lamp is handmade with love and care, ensuring you receive a very positive and healing product.

How to purchase Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps from SimplyEleven?

  • Log into our website
  • Head over to our “Collections” section.
  • Browse through our expansive portfolio of products (we are the largest online store in Singapore to sell Himalayan Salt Lamps).
  • Add your chosen salt lamp to the checkout cart and continue shopping.
  • When done, click the “Cart” button, fill in your payment & delivery details and place your order.
  • Sit back, relax and wait for delivery of your items.

SimplyEleven Singapore supplies authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps to homes, offices and hotels across Singapore. Here’s how we make your online shopping experience seamless:

  • We offer multiple, highly-secure payment options for you to choose from.
  • We have a responsive site that lists your previous orders when you come in for a subsequent purchase – this saves your time and helps you checkout faster.
  • We have a dedicated customer service team that offers shopping support 365 days a year, 24/7. Connect with us today.
  • We have a robust quality check policy in place to ensure all Himalayan Salt Lamps meet our prescribed quality requirements.

Why wait? Go get yours and shop now.


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