How to stop a Himalayan Salt Lamp from Melting

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The beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps are a perfect piece of decoration for the home. They have various benefits and solutions for different factors, like the lamp gives some relief to people suffering from respiratory diseases. It calms and soothes the mood and cleanses the air in a room. The salt lamps maintain their beautiful glow as long as they glow in the room.

However, the Himalayan Salt Lamps are very delicate and need to be taken care of. These glowing salt lights may start to melt, drip or sweat, if not taken proper care. So it is vital to take good care of the lamps.

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Although you need not worry if your Himalayan salt lamp shows some hitch, as reading along, you will get to know about what hitch may arise with your salt lamp and how you can fix them.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp has won the title for being the Best Natural Health Gadget. The cherry on the cake would be the Himalayan Salt Lamp being environmental friendly also.

So without further ado, let's dive into understanding the minor hiccups that appear when we use Himalayan salt lamps in our day-to-day life.

Hold Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Together

As we all know that the salt lamps absorb excess moisture from the air, and the hot salt crystals then release clean micro water droplets into the atmosphere keeping the absorbed ones trapped. This means that your Himalayan Salt Lamp may sweat at times.

People living in drier regions may have nothing to worry about, while people towards a more humid area may find their lamps sweating. The humid areas or places have a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, leading to Himalayan Salt Lamp melting or exuding more water droplets.

Our possible solution to this can be to leave your Himalayan Salt Lamps burning as this will keep them heated, which will burn the excess water absorbed in them. And yes, you don't need to worry about your electricity bills as the salt lamps do not consume much energy.

Find a Niche For Your Himalayan Salt Lamps

To prevent your salt lamp from melting, you need to find a place in your home sweet home that is dry compared to other areas and has access to fresh air and light. As this will help reduce the sweating of your salt light lamps.

Don't place your Himalayan Salt Lamps near any bathroom, bathtubs, dishwashers, or washing machines as the lamps contain salt, which will attract water towards it leaving you with a melting salt lamp.

If you live in a humid area, a dehumidifier will help keep the environment dry. Also, it is essential to keep your Himalayan Salt Lamp away from some dry cupboard or window while using a steam appliance to avoid your lamp from extra swellings.

Good Care Of The Lamp Means Healthy Life Of The Lamp

It is always good to take care of the lamp once or twice a week to maintain it for a longer time. You can use a damp cloth or a sponge to wipe it off without melting it. Make sure to remove all excess water and wipe it with a gentle hand. Wipe away all the dust and extra debris from the bottom and avoid using chemicals on it.

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After cleaning your lamp, keep it on so that the heat will evaporate any extra moisture on it. There is also another way to store it safely in a plastic bag and keep it away on a shelf.

Even after all these tips, your salt lamp melts. Just keep a coaster, plastic mat, or a saucer underneath so that your furniture or the floor remains safe.

Checking The Bulb

Make sure to check your bulb in the salt lamp. If your lamp is dripping a lot and moisture accumulates, check your lamp's bulb for the amount of energy it is releasing.

Notice if your crystal lamp bulb is flickering or causing some problem in lighting up, there may be a melting problem from the lamp's inside.

The bulb used in your Himalayan Salt Lamp should produce heat because then only the lamp will manage the moisture levels. Also, it is essential to have a replacement bulb the same as the original one.

It would be best if you also cleaned your bulb and lamp once or twice a week.

No More Leaking Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

So there you have it, with some simple steps, you can ace the cleaning of your Himalayan Salt Lamps. Taking care of your Himalayan Salt Lamp melting is as easy as buying and decorating it.

These easy steps and methods will surely make handling your salt lamps easy.

Also, it is essential to use and apply care according to the situations when required. Because the problem may vary from one lamp to another, and it may also change according to the weather conditions.

Keeping your salt lamp away and in fine temperature conditions also helps prolong the lamp's life and stop any watermarks from appearing on your home furniture. The best way to dry your lamp is through a lint-free cloth with a light hand if it gets wet.

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Salt Lamps are heavy and do not appreciate being dropped, so place your lamp in a place where it is out of reach of children and pets if you have any.

The best thing about the Himalayan Salt Lamp is that it does not consume much electricity, so your bills will not skyrocket, but the bulb cost may add up over a long period of usage time. Also, ensure that your bulb doesn't touch your lamp's insides as that will damage the bulb because of moisture and water.


You are all set to buy these Himalayan Salt Lamps if you have read through and are going to follow all steps religiously.

These form perfect home decor and wellness pieces. A little care and attention imparted will surely keep your lamp in a good and healthy shape.

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