How do you know if your Himalayan salt lamp is authentic?

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Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps Singapore

True Himalayan salt lamps are made out of salt crystals that are native to the Khewra Salt Mines located in the city of Khewra, Pakistan. Authentic Himalayan salt lamp comes from the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan, exactly where we get ours from. The rock salt found is Khewra is said to be more than 600 million years old and contain 84 organic minerals which make it the most sought-after salt in the world.

The colours we use to describe true Himalayan salt lamps varies from pink/orange, grey, white and red. When lit, the lamps emits a warm glow and the shades also varies from lamp to lamp. No two lamps in the world look alike as they are all made out of natural rocks which varies in shades and tones of colour.

Unfortunately, many people in the market sell fake imitation Himalayan salt lamps which is way much cheaper than authentic ones. Even though it costs cheaper to manufacture fake Himalayan salt lamps, the profit margin for sellers is high. Fake Himalayan salt lamps contain chemicals and do not have the benefits of true Himalayan salt lamps.

Here is how you can know if yours is the real deal:

1. Always ask and check for the certificate of origin with seller.

2. True Himalayan salt lamps can be traced back to the Salt Mines in Pakistan. True Himalayan salt lamps do not emit light uniformly. If your lamp is too bright, it may not be authentic.

3. Genuine Himalayan salt lamps are quite fragile. If yours is sturdy, chances are it may be fake.

4. Real Himalayan salt lamps will absorb moisture when they are switched off (when not heated) and will "sweat". If your lamp does not "sweat", it may not be an authentic one. Check out more care tips for your salt lamps.

5. Himalayan salt lamps are created by mining salt from the salt mines in Khewra city, Pakistan. They are then handcrafted and transported worldwide. All of this involves a lot of costs. If your lamp is too cheap to be true, the chances are that it may be fake.

6. If the price you paid for your Himayalan salt lamp is too good to be true, chances are that it is a scam and you lamp is a fake imitation lamp.

7. Check the packaging of the light bulbs used for your Himalayan salt lamps. Bulbs should originate from the native country Pakistan since lamps are produced from the country.

8. Most importantly, authentic Himalayan salt lamps are supposed to "sweat" when they are switched off for an extended period of time. Due to their organic nature, salt lamps absorb moisture from the surrounding air very quickly.

9. As the name goes, this are salt lamps and salt does absorb moisture. If your salt lamp is too dry, I think you will know that yours is not the authentic salt lamp. The texture of fake salt lamps is just too similar to the normal rocks we see in nature reserves and parks around us. 

10. Finally, there is no salt in Himalayan and salt range is far away from Himalayan region. Therefore, if someone tells you their salt lamp products originate from the Himalayan region, I bet you you should know what is it all about.

Over at SimplyEleven Singapore, rest assured all our Himalayan salt lamps and products are 100% true authentic and imported direclty from Pakistan with verified  original certificate of origin endorsed by The Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED).

We hope this little guide is able to provide simply information to help you in your shopping experience. For the best quality authentic Himalayan salt lamps, be sure to check out our collections that suit your different need and style.

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