Himalayan Salt Lamp: Myths & Benefits

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The famous pink salt is not just for sprinkling over your dinner or for having a good bubble bath, but the game has gone up a little with the Himalayan salt Lamps being stress relievers and used for decoration purposes in the home.

Indoor air pollution is the major problem that people face nowadays, and it increases health risks also.Himalayan Salt Lamps cleans the atmosphere and fills your room with positive energies. The negative ions present in the Himalayan Salt Lamp cling to dust particles making air filtration or clean up easier.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are not just believed to be aesthetically appealing but also believed to have health benefits like curing asthma or detoxing the air.

Infact, stress and salt lamps are inversely proportional to each other. It is the atmosphere and aroma that creates a calming effect in your home.

Let's find out what myths and benefits define the Himalayan Salt Lamp and the extent to which people believe it.


Why Do People Use Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan Salt lamps have a peculiar look. The outside covering has different shapes and designs made up of Himalayan Salt, which looks attractive and stylish with warm color tones. It is believed that Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural ionizers, meaning they change the charge of circulating air.


Do health claims stack up?

Himalayan Salt Lamps claim many health benefits that people get by using them. Let's throw light upon some of the famous claims.

Purifies Air Quality:

The salt lamps are advertised for possessing air-purifying quality for your home. They are believed to benefit people with allergies, asthma, or respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis.
However, there is currently no evidence for Himalayan Salt lamps improving the air quality of your home.

Although we can be partially correct on the benefits that it provides to people with respiratory diseases based on the ancient practice of Halotherapy, in which people with chronic respiratory conditions are said to benefit from salt caves due to the presence of salt in the air.

So, whether it purifies the air or helps to recover asthma patients, one thing is for sure that the light, soothing and serene essence of the Himalayan Salt Lamp will refresh your room and surroundings.


Instantly boosts your mood:

Another frequently made claim or myth is that the salt lamps boost your mood. Some studies also show that the higher level of negative ions in the air increases serotonin level, which is a chemical involved in regulating a person's mood.

However, researchers did find that the concept helps those who are depressed or feel low. The relationship of mood and salt lamps goes hand in hand to some extent, as the pink warm glowing salt lamps have a serene and peaceful fragrance that calms a person's mind.

Hence, the Himalayan Salt Lamps are right for your happy hormone and a comfortable environment around you.


Helps you sleep:

Sleep has been a significant problem nowadays. There is almost every person who suffers from sleep disorders. And in this scenario, claiming that the Himalayan Salt Lamps helps you sleep is the best thing you can hear.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps are one of those magical things in life that can help you calm down, provide a relaxed and peaceful sleep, and extend positive energy during the day.

However, there are no proven results about the Himalayan Salt Lamp being the only factor improving your sleep pattern. Still, the dim light and the soothing atmosphere created because of the salt lamps indeed promote your body's sleepiness. You can remove bright lights from your bedroom and keep these gentle salt lamps to produce the sleep hormone melatonin.

Facts you must know about Himalayan Salt Lamps:

The Himalayan Lamps have been around since the 1980s. Trends always come back in style, and these salt lamps are the proof. They were a trend back in the '80s and now have resurfaced lately. The Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are a must for the tech-obsessed society because of the supposed health benefits they impose.

It is said that the darker the pink, the higher the quality, meaning if your lamp is light pink or has visible black deposits in the stone, it is likely to be mined from a low-crystal salt.

These lamps aren't one size fit for all, i.e., if you are placing the salt lamps in a big room, you need to have more than one lamp, but if you want it close to your pillow or in a corner where you spend most of your time then a small little diffuser lamp would be enough.

People can't get enough of these Himalayan pink salt lamps. They keep posting about it on their social media with trending hashtags and quirky captions.

The Himalayan Pink Salt is environmental- friendly and estimated to last for 350 years at the current extraction rate, which means a piece of good news for all lamp lovers. Keep extracting all benefits from the Himalayan Pink Salt.

A right choice for all :

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp does not pose any threat to humans, but it is always better to keep it away from your pets, who may want to sneak behind your back and have a taste when you are looking out.

Moreover, you will be happier after lighting the salt lamp as it increases blood and oxygen flow to your brain.

Himalayan Salt Lamps are mysterious yet exciting products to light. Authentic salt lamps are not indestructible if you drop them on the floor. You are surely going to see a scratch or chip. But if you like the way they look, they can be an attractive addition to your home, and you can be extra careful with them and place them in a place where there is less movement. That way, you keep your lamp safe and the surroundings around you fresh and peaceful.

Keep an eye out for the pinkish and reddish salt lamps to ensure that you bring home the real and authentic deal.

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