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Feng Shui Explained Himalayan Salt Lamps

Fear the negative & Aggressive Star in the Fengshui World? Or to enhance joyous occasions with family? Do not worry and let nature take its cause..

It has been widely believed that authentic Himalayan salt lamps do have positive relationship with Feng Shui (Geomancy) and your own Bazhi. Authentic Himalayan salt lamps do provide the perfect aesthetic for all homes and offices as the glow is simply beautiful.

Many Feng Shui masters and even local retailers are recommending the use of Himalayan salt lamps to promote positive vibes in people's daily lives 24/7. Authentic salt lamps might have certain intangible impact in the area of luck, wealth, romance, career and health.

Pure Himalayan salt lamps play many roles and are not just a simple lighting fixture for homes and offices. By placing the correct lamps at the right location and direction, it does have an relative impact on your well-being. Bearing in mind, this has got to do with individual's birth year, and the five elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The direction of our facing such as North, South, Center, East or West is likely to affect the intended outcome.

Most importantly, only the true authentic Himalayan salt lamps are able to bring out the real impact if combine correct using the Geomancy teachings. Of course, as a word of caution, do not indulge wholeheartedly into these beliefs unless as advised by a genuine Feng Shui master.

In recent years, interior designers have been working closely with Feng Shui masters in drafting home designs to incorporate effective lightings aesthetic for home and office owners. Interior designers are finding Himalayan salt lamps to be attractive additions for clients to enhance positive vibes within the living space. Having the attractive glow lighted 24/7, owners are mesmerized by the beauty of the lit Himalayan salt lamps as it glows in the dark and add the much needed element throughout the night.

As true Himalayan salt lamps contain traces of natural minerals within them, it is believed to have health benefits such as purifying the air through hygroscopy, reduce asthma and calm allergies. For a wider list of associated benefits, click here to read more. 

In summary, having an authentic Himalayan salt lamp promotes potential benefits in relation to health and Feng Shui, as well as adding practical aesthetic 24/7 lighting decorative effects to your living space. It is an affordable investment that has practical usage in lighting up the dark corners in your home.

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