What size should I buy for my Himalayan salt lamp?

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Many people are unsure of size and weight. When comes to buying a natural Himalayan pink salt lamp, a common question people tend to ask is: "What is the best size salt lamp to buy?"

With so many different sizes, weight and types of Himalayan pink salt lamps available, it is indeed a difficult question to answer. Given the weight of the lamps, it can easily range from 1kg to 50kg and beyond.  Of course, one can choose lamp of any size and weight as you wish to. However, do always be vigilant and do not fall prey to scams selling cheap fake Himalayan Salt Lamps.

The amazing Himalayan salt lamps are made by carving out chunks of Himalayan pink salt from the world's second largest salt mine in Pakistan. It was widely believed that Himalayan pink salt has a history that dates back more than 300 million years ago. The Himalayan salt was buried a few hundreds of meters deep underneath the mountains and were well protected from external contamination and artificial pollutants. These salt crystals were able to maintain the pristine quality and purity attributes of the salt and contain 84 natural minerals that make them a most sought-after salt. Therefore, lamps made from Himalayan salt are said to be beneficial and the ions emitted from the heated lamps can purifies the surrounding naturally to benefit everyone. To learn more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, click here to read more.

A crucial factor to consider when buying Himalayan salt lamps is to consider the size of the room that you wish to purify. For obvious reasons, the bigger the size and weight of the lamp, the wider the area it can purifies the surrounding air for you. For smaller area, you can opt for a smaller size and weight lamp. For an area of approximately 30 sqm (323 sqft), you would need a lamp size of around 12 kg and above. This is a typical average size of a living room in a HDB flat in Singapore and for the Himalayan salt lamps to effectively purifies the surrounding air. Of course, you will also be enjoying brighter illumination of warm glow emitted from this larger size Himalayan salt lamps. For a smaller size room with an area of approximately 10 sqm (107 sqft) to 25 sqm (269 sqft), we can go for a regular to mid range size Himalayan salt lamps between 1 kg to 11 kg. However, depending on the configuration and size of your room (whether your room has irregular shape or corners), the intensity of the warm glow emitted from the salt lamps will play a part to the embellish of your living space.

With the right size Himalayan salt lamp placed at the right location, you will be enjoying the benefits of natural Himalayan salt lamps. There are no specific underlying reasons for people to buy a Himalayan salt lamp. Some buyers purchased regular size 3 kg Himalayan salt lamp just to add as a collectible item and place at one small sharp corner at home's dining sector. Having two Himalayan salt lamps placed side-by-side in the living room may also embellish your home. With the soft warm glow emitted, it adds that soothing feel of home. A regular size 5 kg lamp may just be a perfect addition to be placed on top of a cupboard in a typical bedroom or study room. These natural Himalayan salt lamps are so welcoming and they appear to be an ideal gift during house warming in today's context. 

After so much being said, there is really no one size fits all approach when comes to picking the size for your Himalayan salt lamps. A key consideration may be to follow your heart and go with your instinct to pick a lamp that has an affinity with you. Whatever size lamp you chose, you can never find an identical one anywhere in the world due to the natural Himalayan salt feature. Importantly, all authentic natural Himalayan salt lamps perform the same function and give you the same nature benefits.

Do you believe in "Love at first sight"? This could be just your instinct. Go for it and bring one home from our wide range of collections!

P.s.: To know more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, click here to satisfy your curiosity.

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