Best Decorative Salt Lamps for Table Lighting Display

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Are you looking to buy a table lighting display? Skip the lava lamp and choose a spectacularly beautiful, organic and cathartic lighting piece instead.

Himalayan Salt is sourced from the heart of the Salt Mines in Pakistan and is renowned for their varied health benefits. Not just physical health, but spiritual health too. At, our Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are made with love and care and are designed to be used in the place of conventional lighting displays.

Not only with these Himalayan Salt Lamps make your room act as charming decorations for your room, but they will allow you to get the best lighting possible when you’re reading, working or eating at the table.

Top 6 Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp lighting displays to choose from

At SimplyEleven, here are our top picks for the best decorative Himalayan Salt Lamps to place on your coffee, study, dining or work table cubicle:

  1. Geometric salt lamps

Who doesn’t love looking at complex geometric patterns? Not only will your new Himalayan Salt Lamp be a sight for sore eyes, but it can also be a very compelling conversation piece.

If you are a practitioner of spiritual practice, then the different geometric salt lamp designs will be a great way to channel the energies of the moon, the sun, the star, the elements, the Cross and the Obelisk.

  1. Salt lamp night lights

Do you love to read before bed or have a small corner that needs to be lighted up? If yes, then Himalayan Salt Lamps that double as night lamps are great for you. These night lights exude a gentle and warm light, ensuring you are able to comfortably read when in bed.

  1. Designer coffee table salt lamps

If you are one of the contemporary and young Singapore homeowners, then you’ll love Simply Eleven’s collection of decorative table lighting displays. From lamps that are shaped like fruit to those that have a detailed carving of a horse, we have a wide range of Himalayan Salt Lamps available on our official online store.

  1. USB-point embedded salt lamps

Do you want a Himalayan Salt Lamp that’s both a decorative lighting piece and a practical tool for everyday use? Then you should get home a USB-point embedded salt lamp. This type of salt lamp doubles as a table lamp and uses a USB charging port. You can easily place this little beauty on your work table, plug in your desktop/laptop and start working.

Trust us, you’ll become the talk of the office in no time for your spectacular taste and fashion.

  1. Tea light holder salt lamps

Tea light holders are so travel-friendly. If you’re looking for decorative salt lamps that you can carry while on-the-move, then you’ll find these tiny lamps to be really useful.

The best part is SimplyEleven store offers tea light holder salt lamps in a variety of designs and patterns. Choose the one you love the most or mix and match your collection – the sky is the limit when you’re decorating your table with a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

  1. Natural mountain-shaped salt lamps

Finally, if you’d like to bring nature in all its glory into your home or office space, then a natural-looking Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great way to do so. Some Himalayan Salt Lamps come in shades of grey and resemble the real Himalayan mountains after the snow melts. If you have a man cave at home, then this type of salt lamp feels masculine enough to find a place there.

Can’t decide which one to buy?

Well then, why not buy one of each? The best thing about is that they’re extremely budget-friendly, most costing just $20 or under. These salt lamps are long lasting, making them investment minuscule.

So, what are you waiting for? Get creative and decorate your table with the best lighting display. Infuse your home and office space with positivity and peace with the help of SimplyEleven’s Himalayan Salt Lamps Table Lighting Display.

Feel free to browse through our online store and reach out to us in case you have any questions. 


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