5 Health & Wellness Uses of Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Himalayan salt is a rock salt(halite) excavated from the areas close to the Himalayas. More often than not, the mined salt has got a pinkish texture due to trace minerals in it. It is by far the purest salt since it is extracted from extremely high altitudes and has thereby got a composition of 84 minerals.

The Himalayan salt is synonymized under various terms such as Rock Salt, Pink Salt, the Himalayan Sea Salt, etc. However, the rosy shade coming from the trace minerals(i.e., magnesium, calcium, potassium) in the salt makes it the perfect match for various purposes, such as:

  • Food additive

  • Cooking and food presentation(as a part of cooking to season meals and food preservation)

  • Decorative purposes in the form of those gorgeously splinting Himalayan Salt Lamps.

When we say it finds a profound usage for decorative purposes in the form of Himalayan Salt Lamps, we refer to something very authentic designed and handcrafted for various health benefits. So on this note, let's introduce you to the Himalayan Salt Lamps first.

Himalayan Salt Lamps: A beautiful concoction of health benefits

To carve a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, large chunks of Himalayan salt extracted are transported to the local artisans who then do it all using their hands. These artisans drill a hole at the center part of the Rock Salt and then place a light bulb so that those large pink chunks glow with a distinctive reddish-pink light that emits a warmth of love.

This artistically created classic masterpiece becomes a perfect decorative item to brighten up your space. Additionally, these lamps claim to bring health & wellness benefits such as boosting the mood, healing allergies, improving sleep, and many more such things.

So let’s bring you closer to some health & wellness benefits that the Himalayan Salt Lamps exuberate:

Boosting your mood and improving sleep

As the Himalayan Salt Lamps help in improving the air quality, they tend to freshen up the surroundings. The essence of these Himalayan Salt Lamps when traveling the air, calms your senses and boosts your mood.

As it is believed that the existence of positive ions in the surrounding air increases the levels of anxiety, unnatural feelings, and depression. So, the presence of negative ions curbs these effects and lightens the mood altogether. Himalayan Salt Lamps, therefore, produce negatively charged ions that help subside the stress & restlessness and act as antidepressants to refine the overall mental state. Hence the extended use of the Himalayan Salt Lamps in your home or bedroom helps improve your sleep quality.

Are associated with providing you safety against allergens, thus helping you cope with allergies

Another benefit that adds up to the list is the association of Himalayan Salt Lamps for healing allergies and various respiratory problems. It is suggested that Himalayan Salt Lamps work as a precautionary tactic to people who have allergy issues. However, you must understand that we cannot straightforwardly come to conclusions based on studies without any pieces of evidence...so we still have to wait and till then you can check it for yourself - the healing benefits of these lamps.

An air purifier for your space

The negative ions have to be given credit whenever we talk about most of the Himalayan Salt Lamps' health benefits. These negative ions are believed to neutralize the presence of harmful air pollutants present around us. Cleaning harmful particulates from the air, these ions build upon the bacteria or pollen and stop their growth then and there.

The wonderful calming effect

The pinkish and mild orange-colored light emission sets a very soothing and peaceful aura all around us. Providing a relaxed feeling and a comfortable ambiance all around, the glow initiates a peaceful sleep with a stable state of mind. Again, this may also be indirectly related to the presence of negative ions released by the Himalayan Salt Lamps that reduce any kind of stress that puts your mind or body in hyper mode.

Lets you meditate and carry your yoga session in peace

Himalayan Salt Lamps and products have been an evergreen natural tool for bringing in spiritual healing. Carved from amber-colored rock salt in the Himalayas' foothills, these lamps give you the dim light effect that acts as a stimulant and lets you carry your yoga and meditation sessions in peace. Relieving stress and tensions, the lamps allow you to focus more on rejuvenating your energy while meditating. The soothing effect of the lights is responsible for this sort of relaxation.

Bringing a nice decorative touch and a warming glow, the Himalayan Salt Lamps should find everyday usage

Though the health benefits associated with the Himalayan Salt Lamps may not be firmly supported by science, they still have the perks of bringing in the required scenic beauty. They bring in a nice-looking ambiance that attracts everyone and is filled with the warmth of love, affection, and care.

Creating a very relaxed and balanced atmosphere, the Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp helps unfold all the positivity in you. You may find innumerable reasons to adorn your space with these very aesthetic Himalayan Salt Lamps designed for those very mesmerizingly glowing looks.

Choose the best Himalayan Salt Lamps that light your living space with a quirky glow

By now, you must have an idea about how amazing the Himalayan Salt Lamps are. They are much more than a decorative item and bring along a host of health & wellness uses. Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps are handcrafted for much-needed benefits at home or the office, and therefore at least one or two of them should be installed in each of your rooms.

So, it is time that you make the right choice and explore a wide range of Himalayan Salt Lamps found at SimplyEleven(the largest online store in Singapore offering a wide range of Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps and products). Shop from the latest collection now to enhance your living space with an all-immersive glow & peaceful vibes.

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